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What People Say

“Christopher Hussey’s ‘Twisted Skyscape’, written for the Bloomsbury Woodwind Ensemble in 2008, gave the group something gritty to get their teeth into, a fantastic palette of sound that splurged unusual harmony, creative rhythm and effects into an energetic musical whirlwind. Having been premiered a while back in a cinema (with an accompanying film) the crystal clear acoustics of St. John’s (Smith Square) allowed the piece to breathe fully and it was obvious that the group really felt comfortable performing it.”
John Holland
  Winds magazine concert review 2011


”Christopher’s music is, at once, fun to play and insightful. This is rare quality – sharing a sense of daring and simultaneously dealing with the idiomatic natures of the instrument he writes for. His music is complex, but, there is always something ever so lyrical about it. I can always relate to the speech, voice-like nature of his music: it is music of a rhetoric nature, rather than solely aesthetical.”
Pedro Carneiro
  Solo percussionist, Chief Conductor/Artistic Director of the Portuguese Chamber Orchestra


”I had the pleasure to meet Chris 20 years ago, when he was a gifted and enthusiastic student at the Guildhall School of Music. It’s great to see he has matured into a fantastic musician, without losing any of his gifts and youthful enthusiasm.”
Dario Marianelli
  Composer of piano, orchestral and film music (Oscar and Golden Globe winner for score of ‘Atonement’)


“A splendid talent…one of the finest arrangers who has come our way in a long time”
Bruce Pomahac   Director Of Music, Rodgers & Hammerstein; former Broadway arranger and conductor


“Having worked with Chris throughout much of my career, his musicianship, creativity, and professional delivery of each and every project never fails to amaze. He can turn his hand to arrangements of any genre of music, he has a thorough understanding of the publishing industry and of the educational world, and these skills combined produce the desired outcome on every occasion. His meticulous nature and attention to detail in every aspect of his work give assurance that you are in very capable hands; and his overriding passion and enthusiasm for the music is apparent every step of the way.”
Ann Barkway   Music Education Consultant and Project Manager; former Managing Editor & Director at Music Sales


“It seems extraordinary that one piece of music could transform the fortunes of an amateur ensemble, but that is the experience of the Bloomsbury Woodwind Ensemble following its participation in the adopt-a-composer scheme in 2008 and the collaboration with the composer, Chris Hussey. His composition, ‘Twisted Skyscape’, was intriguing and a challenge – not least because the first performance was synchronised to a film.

Twisted Skyscape showed us what we could do. Since that first performance our members have asked for more varied and demanding music to make our rehearsals and concerts more interesting. We have built our contacts with a number of composers and arrangers so that now everything we play has parts that suit the make-up of the ensemble. Chris Hussey has created a series of arrangements for us and we still think of him as ‘our composer’. Three years later, we have increased our membership because people who come to try us out want to stay and play with us.”
Andrew Hunt   Bass clarinettist, Bloomsbury Woodwind Ensemble


“Chris is not only a fantastic arranger and capable of working in all styles of music, he is also a careful, considered and very reliable musician, and always a pleasure to work with.”
Lucy Holliday   Head of Rock & Pop Publishing, Faber Music Ltd.


“Christopher Hussey is one of very few composers I have encountered who has a very solid understanding of the music business. He is logical, intelligent and passionate about his vocation as a composer whilst always identifying a much wider picture. His compositions are testament to his career in the music publishing world; clear and faultless scores allow musicians to get on with the job of music making. He has a great understanding of writing and arranging for individual instruments, creating his soundscape with ease and understanding. In working towards a major performance with an amateur ensemble to include the world première Twisted Skyscape, there was never any doubt regarding his ability to support me in my role as Musical Director.”
Shea Lolin   Conductor of the Bloomsbury Woodwind Ensemble


“Chris was very professional to work with and was conscientious and dedicated to the commission. Dreamtide is a fantastic and exciting piece which really challenged the Deloitte Choir whilst giving them a huge sense of achievement in performance. I hope the piece continues to be performed in its own right.”
Tessa Marchington   Director of Music In Offices


“Chris was commissioned to write this piece for us by Music in Offices, as a part of the prize for winning the Office Choir of the Year 2010 competition. One of the best parts of Chris’ process for creating Dreamtide was how early he came to us, explained his ideas, and found the limits of what we could and could not do. It was an exciting and organic experience, and introduced many of us to a whole new way of making music with our mouths. Experimenting with various sounds (inhalations, exhalations, changing mouth shapes) was a steep learning curve for us all – breathing in for 16 beats is definitely right at the edge of human endurance! Chris was an enthusiastic presence at all the rehearsals he came to, from the very first collection of ideas he brought to us, to the final rehearsals before we gave the work its world premiere at the Purcell Room. His energy and passion for the music was infectious, and we felt deeply involved at every stage of the process. As a sort of vocal ‘tone poem’ for much of its length, the piece could easily have been difficult to give meaning, but Chris ensured that we all bought into the concept, and very much performed it as the progress of a dreamer through the night.  To sum up, we found the piece challenging and exciting, a definite departure from our ‘comfort zone’ but one we enjoyed greatly, and we would jump at the chance to work with Chris again!”
Alastair Walsh   Singer in the Deloitte Choir (about Christopher’s collaboration with the choir and his piece ‘Dreamtide’)


“Deloitte, the winners of Office Choir of the Year performed ‘Dreamtide’ by Christopher Hussey, its commission being their prize. Back in November, Hussey attended rehearsals to hear their voices, what they enjoyed singing and their strengths, and in January work-shopped sketches with the choir. This genuinely collaborative way of writing put them central in the creative process. The result was beautiful and challenging, requiring vocal effects and containing dense harmony throughout: an inspiring product of the MIO initiative.”
Rachel Lindley   Classical Music Magazine concert review 2011, reviewing premiere of ‘Dreamtide’


“A lovely version of the song, skilfully executed in every detail…It is so much fun to listen to…I believe Irving Berlin would have been just as pleased with Hussey’s work as all of us are here”
Bruce Pomahac   Director Of Music, Rodgers & Hammerstein; former Broadway arranger and conductor (about Christopher’s choral arrangement of ‘White Christmas’)


”I met Christopher Hussey in 1993 at the Guildhall School – we immediately immersed ourselves in intense work, collaborating on his phenomenal work for violin and marimba “Eclectic Fusion” and, later on, on the work “In Erring Reason’s Spite” (for solo marimba). Christopher is an immensely talented composer: intelligent, witty, profound. He is, no doubt, one of the most interesting and stimulating composers I have worked with in my whole life!”
Pedro Carneiro   Solo percussionist, Chief Conductor/Artistic Director of the Portuguese Chamber Orchestra


“…a great opportunity to work with a creative and very artistic person”
“It was the best we have ever played…the most comfortable I have felt in a concert”
Members of the Bloomsbury Woodwind Ensemble after performing Christopher’s work for them, ‘Twisted Skyscape’, written as part of the spnm’s Adopt-A-Composer Scheme 2008


“Hearing it again made me realise that it’s a very primal, organic piece that grows and breathes and flexes so naturally – superb stuff!”
John Holland   Conductor of the Lambeth Wind Orchestra, about ‘Twisted Skyscape’


“This is a top quality arrangement suitable for choirs of a beginner/intermediate standard.”

“Superb arrangement – imaginative and challenging.”

“A fantastic arrangement – bang up to date so a crowd-pleaser too!”
Customer reviews of Christopher’s Novello Choral Pop arrangements