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Bloomsbury Woodwind Ensemble


In 2008, Christopher enjoyed a year-long collaboration with the amateur group, the Bloomsbury Woodwind Ensemble and their conductor, Shea Lolin, as part of the spnm’s Adopt-A-Composer Scheme.

The result was his new concert score ‘Twisted Skyscape’, originally written for over 40 woodwind instruments (and later orchestrated for full symphony orchestra), which was premiered at Hammersmith’s Riverside Studios cinema, where it provided a live soundtrack to Matthew Kemp’s silent film, ‘Flux’, that it was written to accompany, in a sell-out concert!


Deloitte Choir

Another collaborative highlight, also working with amateur musicians, was his work with the Deloitte Choir and their conductor Tim Crosley, resulting in their premiere of his new ‘a cappella’ choral work ‘Dreamtide’ at the Purcell Room in June 2011.

Following the earlier success of Christopher’s collaboration with the Bloomsbury Woodwind Ensemble, he was commissioned by MIO (Music In Offices) Director, Tessa Marchington, to write a choral piece that would form the prize for the winners in the advanced category of the Office Choir of the Year competition 2010, the choir from the City’s business advisory firm, Deloitte.

Christopher has recently been shortlisted for BASCA’s 2012 British Composer Award, in the Making Music category, for this piece.

Listen to the full recording of the first performance of this piece below, given by the Deloitte Choir in an abridged form.
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“His energy and passion for the music was infectious, and we felt deeply involved at every stage of the process.”

Alastair Walsh   Singer in the Deloitte Choir (about Christopher’s collaboration with the choir and his piece ‘Dreamtide’)


“It seems extraordinary that one piece of music could transform the fortunes of an amateur ensemble, but that is the experience of the Bloomsbury Woodwind Ensemble following its collaboration with the composer, Christopher Hussey. His composition, ‘Twisted Skyscape’, was intriguing and a challenge. It showed us what we could do.”

Andrew Hunt   Bass clarinettist, Bloomsbury Woodwind Ensemble


“This genuinely collaborative way of writing put [the Deloitte Choir] central in the creative process. The result was beautiful and challenging, requiring vocal effects and containing dense harmony throughout: an inspiring product of the MIO initiative.”

Rachel Lindley   Classical Music Magazine concert review 2011, reviewing premiere of ‘Dreamtide’


“…a great opportunity to work with a creative and very artistic person.”

Member of the Bloomsbury Woodwind Ensemble after performing Christopher’s work for them, ‘Twisted Skyscape’, written as part of the spnm’s Adopt-A-Composer Scheme 2008


“It was the best we have ever played…the most comfortable I have felt in a concert”

Member of the Bloomsbury Woodwind Ensemble after performing Christopher’s work for them, ‘Twisted Skyscape’, written as part of the spnm’s Adopt-A-Composer Scheme 2008


“…there was never any doubt regarding his ability to support me in my role as Musical Director.”

Shea Lolin   Conductor of the Bloomsbury Woodwind Ensemble


“…a fantastic and exciting piece which really challenged the Deloitte Choir whilst giving them a huge sense of achievement in performance”

Tessa Marchington   Director of Music In Offices (about Christopher’s choral piece ‘Dreamtide’, commissioned by MIO)